Greetings! I am Janelle Miller the Warrior Printress.

I have been creating art my entire life and have a BFA in studio arts. More than a decade ago I became interested in the art of letterpress and had the good fortune of being taken under wing by Rick Allen and Marian Lansky of the Kenspeckle Letterpress.  In 2012, I decided to venture out of nest to begin my own custom printing business—the Warrior Printress. 

This year, I am excited to add a partner to the Warrior Printress business.  Stacie Renne has a MFA in Design Strategy and Innovation, a BFA in Fine Art, and is an experienced graphic artist.  We are joining forces to create unique customized design and quality letterpress products.  We are excited about working with you to create unique, hand-crafted pieces that tell your story.

Letterpress & Design — as UNIQUE as you are.


Warrior Printress Janelle Turner-Miller develops her skills and an independent voice with support from Rick Allen and Kenspeckle Letterpress. Learning the craft is part of Making It Up North.

A day in the Kenspeckle Letterpress shop with the Warrior Printress. 

Here is a glimpse in the window of the lovely studio I work out of; the Kenspeckle Letterpress. This wonderful little video was created by Brian Barber for the series.